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August 2018 media round up

It’s been yet another busy month in the media with 500+ more pieces of coverage compared to last month. However this in part was due to the Quorn recall which led to numerous articles across national, trade and regional press.

At the beginning of August there was also a number of articles announcing Stella Artois gluten free beer, and more recently the launch of Cobra’s gluten free product too. In addition both The Guardian and the Daily Telegraph published articles on coeliac disease and gluten free which led to many comments both on social media and also under the articles themselves.

A few online articles published in national and trade publications include:

Following the recall by Quorn, the announcement was picked up in a number of publications including:

Further coverage in national and trade not published online includes:

  • Café Life
  • Closer
  • Cost Sector Catering
  • Daily Star
  • Essentially Catering
  • Free From Heaven
  • Network Health Dietitians
  • New Scientist
  • Prima
  • Private Eye
  • Sainsbury’s Magazine
  • Scottish Sun
  • The Grocer
  • The Sun
  • The Times
  • TUCO
  • Weight Watcher’s
  • Women
  • Women’s Own
  • Vegan Food and Living
  • Waitrose Weekend
  • Healthy Food Guide
  • Great British Food
  • Fit and Well.

Regional press coverage includes:

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