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March 2018 media round up

Following the launch of our Research Fund on 15 March, a small amount of coverage has been published and we are expecting more to follow in the next few weeks. Online coverage so far includes:

In addition, there has been national and trade online coverage published:

Printed national and trade articles have been published in:

  • BBC Good Food Magazine
  • BNJ
  • Complete Nutrition
  • Daily Mirror
  • Farmers Weekly
  • FMCG
  • Food and Drink Technology
  • Food Management Today
  • Independent Community Pharmacist
  • Jewish Tribune
  • Natural Lifestyle
  • Network Health Dietitians
  • New Food
  • New Scientist
  • New!
  • OOH Magazine
  • People’s Friend
  • Take Stock
  • The Universe
  • Training Matters
  • Velvet Magazine
  • Women
  • Your Fitness.

Across the country there has been lots of regional coverage. A selection inlcudes:

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