September 2020 Media round up

Since the last media update, there has once again been nearly 2000 pieces of coverage published across national, trade and regional press across hard copy publications and online websites covering a variety of topics including general awareness on coeliac disease, Coeliac UK’s Challenge Weekend and gluten free products and venues.


Some key articles helping to raise awareness of coeliac disease and the gluten free diet:

Free From Heaven 

Healthy Food Guide 

Healthy Life Guide – included in Mail on Sunday feature from Coeliac UK 

Mail on Sunday (To clarify, it is not a ‘single’ blood test as diagnosis is firstly a tTGA blood test followed by a second blood test for endomysial antibodies (EMA) or if EMA not available a second tTGA – correction still pending.)

Oxford Mail 


And some further examples of articles which have been published covering coeliac disease and the gluten free diet in the media over the past month:

Asian World News 

Bakery and Snacks 

Bakery Info 

Cornwall Live 

Daily Express 

Digital Journal 

Food Bev 

Free From Heaven

Free From Heaven

Good to know 


Healthy Food Magazine 

Lancaster Guardian 

Medical News Today 

New Food Magazine 

North West Mail 

Real Homes 

Scarborough News 

Secret London 

SL Man 

Sweets and Snacks World 

The Grocer 

The Guardian 

Women’s Health 

Yahoo Style 


Examples of some further coverage that hasn’t appeared online, that has been published in national, trade and regional press including coverage in the following publications:

  • Balance
  • Cake Masters
  • Cheshire Life
  • Community Practitioner
  • Daily Mirror
  • East Anglia Daily Times
  • European Baker
  • European Baker & Biscuit
  • Fine Food Digest
  • Great British Food
  • Guernsey Evening Post
  • Jewish Tribune
  • My Weekly
  • Nene Valley Living
  • Out of Home
  • Private Eye
  • Red Magazine
  • Rutland Living
  • Saga Magazine
  • Scottish Grocer
  • Southern Daily Echo
  • South Wales Echo
  • Tesco Magazine
  • The Sun
  • Waitrose Health
  • Waitrose Weekend
  • Warminster Journal
  • Vegan Food and Living

To name but a few