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Bedfordshire CCG prescribing consultation

16 March 2016

We have been made aware that Bedfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is considering holding a formal consultation about whether gluten-free foods should continue to be made available on prescription. They are asking local people to respond to a survey to help to decide whether to proceed to a full consultation. 

Bedfordshire CCG currently provides gluten-free food through a pharmacy-led supply scheme and follows National Prescribing Guidelines. This means the CCG allows up to 18 units (depending on age and gender) of gluten-free bread, pasta, flour, crackers and breakfast cereals. Bedfordshire CCG is now deciding whether to consult with local people about stopping the prescribing of gluten-free food. 

Coeliac UK will be formally responding to the consultation in support of continuing to provide gluten-free food on prescription in view of the need for a level of support for people with coeliac disease due to the higher cost of gluten-free staple foods and the limited availability in rural areas and where individuals can only access smaller convenience stores. We will focus on research which shows that gluten-free staple foods are not readily available to purchase in budget supermarkets and corner shops and that gluten-free staple foods are 3-4 times more expensive than gluten containing equivalents.

Have your say

We would encourage you to respond to the consultation to ensure your views are heard. The survey can be accessed online, if you are unable to complete the survey online, you can contact the CCG by email or by phone 01525 864430.

We will continue to provide updates as the situation progresses on our website, in Crossed Grain magazine and by contacting Members directly.

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