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Media today on heart disease and gluten free

3 May 2017

Today the British Medical Journal has published a long term American research study looking at the relationship between eating gluten and developing heart disease.

The study reports that people on a low gluten diet may be at risk of a reduced intake of wholegrains which may affect cardiovascular risk.  The research does not produce clear cut evidence to support this suggestion and identifies more research is needed.  The needs of people who require a gluten free diet for other reasons, such as managing their irritable bowel syndrome or the possibility of non coeliac gluten sensitivity, are not addressed by the study.

People following a gluten free diet need to be careful to ensure that the nutrients provided by wheat, barely or rye in the average British diet are replaced with equivalents from other food products.  And everyone, gluten free or not, should follow a healthy balanced diet with a wide range of fresh fruit, vegetables and pulses.

If you want to find out more about including fibre and wholegrains in your gluten free diet we have a section on our website.

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