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Update on EU legislation

8 November 2018

In view of the impending EU EXIT all EU legislation currently in force in the UK, including EU food legislation covering gluten free labelling and allergen labelling is currently been reviewed.

We have responded to and provided input into relevant consultation opportunities in order to make our case about food labelling and food safety in relation to allergen labelling and GF legislation as well as maintaining an ongoing dialogue with the Food Standards Agency.

Our aims which has always been to protect consumers with coeliac disease on a gluten free diet by ensuring access to safe food remains unchanged. We have achieved this by working with regulators at national and European level and by providing consumers with the necessary information to be able to make informed food choices. Any changes to food legislation are focused on conversion of legislation from European to UK law and will not affect food standards, food safety and food labelling. Coeliac UK continues to work closely with the UK Government and regulators and will continue to do so to ensure legislation is in place to ensure safety of people with coeliac disease is maintained.

We will keep you updated on this important issue.

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