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Health Advisory Council Chair Prof. David Sanders on BBC Look North

24 June 2016

After a day of discussion about gluten-free prescriptions on local BBC radio shows across the country, the Chair of Coeliac UK’s Health Advisory Council Professor David Sanders made an appearance on BBC Look North.

The evening news’ report included interviews with those affected by prescription cuts, stressing the often-crippling cost incurred when CCGs limit prescriptions. York’s pilot scheme (where supermarket vouchers support people with coeliac disease as an alternative to prescriptions) was championed as a good alternative support, allowing people with coeliac disease more choice whilst also saving the NHS money – potentially up to £10 million per year.

During his interview, Professor Sanders emphasised the risk prescription cuts pose to patients who can no longer afford to adhere to their gluten-free diets, citing osteoporosis as a major concern. He also agreed that trials like York’s voucher scheme were key in finding alternatives to cuts and maintaining accessibility to gluten-free food.

To find out more about what we’re doing to protect prescriptions in England visit our campaign page

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