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National consultation to protect gluten free prescribing in England

The Department of Health consultation on the future of gluten free prescribing, which included options to end or significantly restrict the prescribing of gluten free food in England, has now closed.

Thank you to everyone who made their views known - the Department of Health told us they had ten times the usual response rate. We also responded, setting out our evidence based argument about the need to support people with coeliac disease.

This England wide consultation is a dramatic turn for our prescriptions campaign as we have been fighting the changing local landscape of prescribing in the NHS in England for a couple of years now. We have stepped up our campaign and highlighted the need for prescribing in the media to give profile to the needs of people with coeliac disease. 

What happens now?

It is not the end of our campaigning and now we need your help as we step up our lobbying of MPs on this issue. If you are in England and you or your family would be badly affected by the removal of access to gluten free staples from the NHS, then we want to encourage you to write to your constituent MP to tell your story and explain why access is important for people with coeliac disease. We have produced a template letter to give you a start.

You can also support our campaign by helping more people to understand the challenges of living with a gluten free diet every day. If you see an empty shelf, can’t find products or can help us show the increase price of gluten free substitute foods, please help spread the word by putting a message or image on your social media timeline. Please just use #glutenfreefacts and remember to tag or copy Coeliac UK @Coeliac_UK.

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