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  5. Day 1 - Coeliac disease; current controversies and advances

Day 1 - Coeliac disease; current controversies and advances

This conference provided an opportunity to gain a broad update on research in coeliac disease, the current controversies and advances in diagnosis, management and therapeutics.

Markku Maki

Professor Markku Mäki

Pitfalls in biopsy readout in coeliac disease

An overview of the current 'gold standard; the biopsy' for the diagnosis of coeliac disease, important considerations and advances.



Peter Gillett

Dr Peter Gillett

Emerging issues in the diagnosis of coeliac disease in paediatrics

A presentation around the guidelines and latest research for diagnosis of coeliac disease in children, in some cases without a biopsy, including the interpretation of HLA - typing.



Knut Lundin

Professor Knut Lundin

Oats in coeliac disease - do we have the full picture?

A summary of the evidence base for the use of gluten-free oats in the diets of people with coeliac disease.

Ludvig Sollid

Professor Ludvig Sollid

Update on therapeutic advances

There is an unmet need for novel treatments of coeliac disease that can replace the only current treatment, the gluten-free diet, either in part or completely. This presentation provides an update on the latest research in this area.


David Pritchard

Professor David Pritchard

Could hookworms act as a living drug for coeliac disease?

The current knowledge of the immunobiology of natural hookworm infection and its use in clinical trials is discussed, including a trial of hookworms in people with coeliac disease.



Helen CrockerHelen Crocker

Measuring quality of life in coeliac disease - development of the Coeliac Disease Assessment Questionnaire (CDAQ)

Patient reported outcome measures are used to determine quality of life and allow us to understand the impact of a condition from the individual's perspective. The development of the CDAQ is discussed.



Christophe Cellier

Professor Christophe Cellier

Refractory coeliac disease and malignancy in coeliac disease

An insight into refractory coeliac disease and malignacy in coeliac disease; prevalence, diagnosis, varying treatment strategies and ongoing research.



Simon MurchProfessor Simon Murch

Non coeliac gluten sensitivity

Increasing numbers of people report intolerance to wheat in the diet, most of whom do not have coeliac disease. A presentation on a much debated topic.


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