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Day 2 - Diagnosis and management of coeliac disease; time for reflection

This conference focused on the research that supports or directly underpins the Charity's strategic aims around diagnosis and management of coeliac disease. There was plenty of opportunity for discussion during each of the panel sessions and it is hoped that the report on the conference proceedings will be used to aid the development of public policies in support of patients with coeliac disease.

Rachel HoutenRachel Houten

NICE guideline on coeliac disease - the research gaps

An explanation on how the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence guideline on recognition, assessment and management of coeliac disease was developed using the available evidence base and the areas requiring further research.


Colin Crooks

Dr Colin Crooks

Epidemiology of coeliac disease in the UK

An overview of the current epidemiology of coeliac disease related to its occurrence and complications.




Geraint PreestDr Geraint Preest

Helping to diagnose coeliac disease in primary care

This presentation is about a new software tool that has been developed to work in conjunction with GPs' clinical systems to alert clinicians about patients who may have a high probability of coeliac disease based upon comorbidity and past medical history.



Michelle Lau

Dr Michelle Lau

Point of care tests in coeliac disease - new emerging evidence

The latest research on the use of point of care tests for the recognition of coeliac disease and a cost effective model for their use in a secondary care setting.

Alastair Buxton

Alastair Buxton

Community pharmacy and coeliac disease

An introduction to community pharmacy and the wide range of services provided by the pharmacy teams, including information on Coeliac UK's project supported by the National Association of Primary Care, on the early recognition of coeliac disease in community pharmacies.



Alpana Mair

Alpana Mair

Scottish Gluten-Free Food Service

A presentation on the Scottish Gluten-Free Food Service, an NHS Scotland service available through local pharmacy that allows the ordering and receipt of gluten-free food without the ongoing need to go through the GP.


Margreet Wessels

Dr Margreet Wessels

Follow up in children with coeliac disease

The experience from a paediatric coeliac disease clinic in the Netherlands on the nutritional deficiencies in children at diagnosis and during follow up.

Nick Trott

Nick Trott

Dietitian led group coeliac clinics vs dietetic standard care in newly diagnosed patients

A discussion around the development of a dietetic led coeliac group clinic for newly diagnosed patients. This approach is compared to standard dietetic, one to one clinics, in relation to patient adherence at first follow-up, quality of life measures and overall cost effectiveness.


Matthew Kurien

Dr Matthew Kurien

Management of patients with persistent symptoms

This talk reviews the management of individuals who have ongoing symptoms and highlights the differences between non responsive coeliac disease and refractory coeliac disease.


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