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Shared stories from our members

Vinay Amlani

Vinay Amlani

Age at diagnosis: 25                                                           

When I was diagnosed with coeliac disease I was relieved because there was finally an answer and a root cause had been found for the symptoms I had been experiencing. I used to well up a lot in supermarkets in the first few weeks because I missed the foods I used to regularly eat. However, as I worked with the dietitian and became empowered with the gluten free literature out there, I realised that nothing was being taken out of my diet but was just being replaced. Since starting on my gluten free diet, I have never felt better. My energy levels are at a record high and my symptoms have resolved so knowledge of the condition really has given me a chance to take control of my life.   

Charlotte MarshCharlotte Marsh

Age at diagnosis: 35                                                            

I was first misdiagnosed with IBS and continued to have symptoms until I was diagnosed with coeliac disease. Since being on a gluten free diet I am now much more comfortable after eating and I have learnt to make gluten free food at home from scratch. Joining Coeliac UK has helped me manage my diet and when first diagnosed I found the Food and Drink Directory invaluable and the Helpline is really helpful.  


Age at diagnosis: 3

The transformation in my daughter Caitlin since following a gluten free diet is remarkable and therefore her diagnosis was a huge relief to everyone and was a positive thing. Her energy levels improved beyond recognition; she could walk to nursery, play with all her friends properly and she rediscovered her zest for life. There are challenges but they are all far outweighed by the benefits in being gluten free. The Food and Drink Directory from Coeliac UK is really useful and the travel information is very helpful for when we go abroad.  

Angela ShuckAngela Shuck

Age at diagnosis: 26                                                                

Being diagnosed with coeliac disease doesn’t have to be a negative thing; whilst it can make life more challenging at times, I have continued to lead my life, travel, have children and feel that having coeliac disease is just part of me, not the whole me. Once I was diagnosed I joined Coeliac UK straight away which made life a lot easier and I had a lot of support from family and friends.  


Kym SwanKym Swan

Age at diagnosis: 32                                                            

Since being diagnosed with coeliac disease and starting the gluten free diet I have energy, I feel bouncy, I enjoy a variety of foods and I eat more healthily. When people ask about coeliac disease I am able to discuss the condition and hopefully spread awareness of it. Coeliac UK has provided me with lots of information which was really helpful in the early stages. 


T WadeThomas Wade

Age at diagnosis: 15

I had a positive experience with diagnosis and have been treated really well by both Great Ormond Street hospital and University College London Hospital. It is great that the availability of gluten free food and awareness has exploded in the last ten years, and there are some good replacements for many products, including bread. I enjoy getting involved with Coeliac UK and am looking forward to running in the London 10K next weekend in support of the Charity.

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