Gluten Freevolution

What is the Gluten Freevolution? 

Our Gluten Freevolution campaign aims to drive improvements in food for people with coeliac disease.
The number of people on a gluten free diet is on the rise and so is the demand for gluten free food when going out for a meal or grabbing something quick and easy.

We’re asking food businesses to support their gluten free customers and make sure there are safe choices for people with coeliac disease. 

 Campaign Aims: 

  1. More gluten free options from small and medium sized food businesses, especially independent restaurants, pubs, local cafes and local takeaways.
  2. A wider range of reasonably priced pre-packaged gluten free food for those busy and on the move, particularly at work, study or out at sports or entertainment venues.
  3. Gluten free options for your journey whether by train, plane or ferry.
  4. Nutritious gluten free food when you’re staying or visiting hospital, when in need of care or going to school. 
  5. More gluten free Asian food, such as Chinese, Thai and Indian. And more options in Italian, British and American venues.
  6. Gluten free vegetarian options.

Find out more about this campaign  or by contacting us (link to web to lead form)

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