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Accreditation testimonials

Here are some testimonials from our accreditation partners:

Since gaining Coeliac UK’s GF accreditation we have seen an increase in the number of people visiting for gluten-free food and are delighted that our food sales have increased by around 10-12%.

We’ve also picked up some additional business via the new Coeliac UK app. We are listed on the app Venue Guide as an accredited venue which visitors of the area have seen and a result have eaten here, so that’s working well for us too.

I would strongly encourage all small independent venue owners who cater gluten-free to apply for Coeliac UK’s GF accreditation. It’s really worked for us and is a great way of highlighting your establishment can cater gluten-free and increase trade at the same time.Colum McLornan, Marine Hotel Ballycastle, Northern Ireland



When looking to have a full understanding of gluten-free products, Hard Rock Cafe had no hesitations in reaching out to Coeliac UK for advice. The team at Coeliac UK provided vast insight into all aspects of gluten-free production and the handling of any new menu items. Through this support we achieved full gluten-free accreditation for our four UK based cafes. The process of accreditation was made much easier by their constant guidance which means that all guests can choose to dine with us knowing we can provide gluten-free food under strict controls. This accreditation has allowed us to reach into a market driven by either dietary or lifestyle choices and the whole process has been invaluable for us to achieve the goal of providing gluten-free options to our guests . Jonathan O'Reilly, Hard Rock Cafe, Corporate Area Manager - Europe 



Our gluten-free pizza helps to drive incremental sales and offers customers more options for eating with friends and family who may have specific dietary requirements. Pizza Hut’s gluten-free pizza base meets Coeliac UK’s accreditation, which ensures we are 100% compliant and rigorous in our gluten-free practices and operations. Coeliac UK's help and support has been invaluable in guiding us through the development and implementation of our industry leading gluten-free pizza, enabling us to be able to provide a simple, fuss free option in all our UK restaurants and delivery outlets.Pizza Hut



Working with Coeliac UK and gaining their GF accreditation for our Residential and Commercial Services shows our commitment to students and staff with coeliac disease, and other people who require gluten-free products. It demonstrates that we care about their health and can cater for their needs. I believe we’ve also increased our business because of it. I know we’re now getting people coming through our outlets who perhaps weren’t coming before because we supply a gluten-free range.Clive Williams, Food & Beverage Manager, University of Leicester



Coeliac UK’s insight and expertise has been invaluable. Its knowledge of the gluten-free market helped us to really understand the needs of this audience and to welcome them back to PizzaExpress. Coeliac UK’s accreditation helps customers, who cannot eat gluten, to trust our food and the careful processes we use when preparing it. This has been vital to the successful launch of our gluten-free range.Rebecca Farrer, Brand Director, PizzaExpress



Coeliac UK accreditation has become a business critical component of our patient and staff food services at the RVI Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. The facts are we have developed a HACCP system to manage allergens throughout the department. To this extent we had the opportunity to create a demised zone that is solely for the use of GF food production used for sandwich preparation. This ensures patient safety whilst giving the patient & staff confidence to eat our products knowing they have been validated as safe via Coeliac UK accreditation supported by the systems we have developed to continue to maintain accreditation.Wayne Reed, Catering Manager, Royal Victoria Infirmary



In response to a growing demand for gluten-free and special dietary meals, Pembroke College, Cambridge, launch 'Simply Pembroke', a new range of main courses and side orders, free from 13 of the 14 major allergens (we still serve fish as a clearly recognisable allergen). Since our launch in January 2015, Simply Pembroke gluten-free meals account for 40% of our main course sales, proof that the demand for special dietary specific meals is growing. Additionally, we have introduced purple coloured utensils, knives and cutting boards into our kitchens to help further reduce the risk of cross contamination. Purple has been used for several years in the US as the colour code for special dietary ingredient specific utensils and cooking equipment. The introduction of Simply Pembroke, marks a 'first' for a UK University or College. Seb Little, Head Chef, Pembroke College, Cambridge
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