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Here's some thoughts from those who have taken one of our catering training courses:

Coeliac UK’s Gluten-free Food: Preparing and Delivering Safe Choices was an extremely interesting and wide ranging course and should be attended by Cooks and Catering Managers. It investigated issues in both care settings and the retail sector and incorporated personal experiences and knowledge of a gluten-free diet. This training will improve the choice and safety of food provision for residents and service users who require a gluten-free diet and ensure that their care provides the dietary requirements specific to their needs. The trainer was extremely knowledgeable and had great insight into the subject and interacted with attendees extremely well. The workbook was extremely full of detailed information provided by experts from Coeliac UK. This provides the necessary support and guidance for Cook Managers/Chefs at a practical level for all the stages of the safe provision of gluten-free meals. It will be used as a major resource in our Catering Policy within the authority. I would certainly recommend the course to anyone especially in the care sector and any businesses that cater gluten-free meals or who are planning to provide gluten-free food. Sarah Balchin, Catering Services Officer, Dorset County Council



I would recommend Coeliac UK’s Gluten-free Food: Preparing and Delivering Safe Choices training course to all hospital chefs. My chef and I found it very informative and we were able to pick up tips that we’d not realised before, including the importance of using separate utensils when preparing food for patients with coeliac disease. With the increasing number of patients with coeliac disease using our hospitals I would also recommend it at ward level as we all have a duty of care to our patients. Since attending the course we have provided a selection of gluten-free food in our staff and visitors’ dining room, which is something we never really thought about before. Tish Taylor, Hospital Services Manager, Blandford/ Shaftesbury Hospitals



Coeliac UK’s course on gluten-free food preparing and delivering safe choices was excellent. Five of our chefs from the hospital attended and we all found it very informative and interesting. We learnt a lot which can only improve the service we provide both to our patients receiving treatment at the hospital and to customers in the restaurant. Debbie Hennessy, Dietetic Assistant at Bedford Hospital


Coeliac UK's Gluten-free: Preparing and Delivering Safe Choices training was a very enjoyable afternoon. As a catering manager for a small primary school, I found the training to be very in depth and very well presented. There is so much more to gluten-free food preparation and cooking than I previously thought but with Coeliac UK's knowledge and guidance, I know that I could prepare and cook a gluten-free meal with confidence and without risk to my customers. The information given on the course, and follow up support from Coeliac UK was excellent. Debbie Horne, Cook Supervisor, Portesham Primary School


Coeliac UK’s Gluten-free Food: Preparing and Delivering Safe Choices was a very worthwhile course for our cooks to attend. The seven principles of catering gluten-free were excellent and will assist us greatly with our procedures and processes when serving gluten-free food. I would recommend the course to all small businesses and care catering establishments that cater for the gluten-free diet or are planning to, so they can do the same and learn from Coeliac UK’s expertise. Sue Burley, Catering Manager, Mouchel Business Services (on behalf of Bournemouth County Council)



We receive daily requests from customers to provide gluten-free menu options. It is crucial to us that our staff gain a high level of expertise in this area in order to address this growing need. Training from Coeliac UK has provided us with the tools to cater for those following a gluten-free diet. Yohann Tudeau, HR Learning & Development Manager, The Berkeley



We’ve seen a huge rise in demand for gluten free products from our customers, so providing more information on the food itself has been an essential part of training for all our staff. Coeliac UK has been a vital partner and hugely helpful in offering a high standard of training in this area. The training itself has enabled us to truly understand the needs of those following a gluten-free diet so that we can constantly improve and provide a better service for all of our customers. Clive Williams, Food & Beverage Manager, University of Leicester
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