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Gluten Freevolution

The Gluten Freevolution

The Gluten Freevolution has launched as we campaign for better gluten free food whether you’re eating out or grabbing something quick on the move.

Things have undoubtedly improved over the last few years but there are too many instances where gluten free is absent or could be so much better. That’s where you come in. We want our members and supporters to get involved and help show the demand for better gluten free so that more people can understand what you need and start to cater better for you.

You can:

  • provide feedback using one of our Gluten Freevolution postcards
  • promote great gluten free by raising a flag and sharing your image on social media
  • give out leaflets so we see improvements in the public sector caterers as well private businesses
  • share our animated films
  • and much more!

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