Awareness Week 2019

Awareness Week 2019 ran from 13-19 May and was all about getting people to ask themselves "Is it coeliac disease?"

Up to half a million people are living with symptoms of undiagnosed coeliac disease and not knowing what's wrong. With your help, we could reach them with our online assessment to set them on the path to diagnosis and improve their lives. Only 3% of British adults aware that the symptoms of IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) are also common symptoms of coeliac disease and we urge anyone with IBS to ask their GP for a coeliac disease blood test, if they have not already had one.

Here's how people got involved

  • Help get people diagnosed by telling them about our online assessment to help them understand if they need to be tested for coeliac disease. Share it on social media using the hashtag #isitcoeliacdisease and tell your family and friends about it. 
  • Share our social media posts so more people hear about the symptoms of coeliac disease. Facebook l Instagram l Twitter
  • Add our Twibbon to support Coeliac UK Awareness Week by adding a Twibbon to your social media accounts now!
  • Display posters you can order from us on notice boards or GP surgeries and pharmacies in your local area. 
  • Blog about how you got diagnosed so more people hear about your experiences and share our online assessment. Your story might sound familiar to someone and help them realise they need to seek diagnosis.
  • Upload a short video to our social media at or tag us in a video on Twitter @coeliac_uk and Instagram using the hashtag #isitcoeliacdisease and tell people about how getting diagnosed has changed your life.
  • Be #IsitCoeliacDisease by sharing your symptoms before your diagnosis so more people see how complex coeliac disease is. Use one of our speech bubble cards to write your symptoms, name and age, then send us a photo of you holding it or post to our social media. Post your photo to your own Facebook page, as well as ours, and also on Twitter and Instagram using the #CoeliacUKAwarenessWeek hashtag. The more people the photos reach, the better.
  • Set up a Facebook fundraiser. It's so easy to set up a Facebook Fundraising event in aid of Coeliac UK Awareness Week, click here to start!
  • Support us with membership by joining our charity today for as little as £2 a month and help improve the lives of those with coeliac disease.
  • Whatever you can do to help, you will be helping us to reach more people who need to know that their symptoms could be undiagnosed coeliac disease. And what a difference that could make to someone. 

If you missed the Week and still want to get involved, read more about our ongoing campaign for better diagnosis