Wednesday: Focus on research

Liz Soilleux research coeliac diagnosisOn Wednesday we heard the latest from the frontline of research into coeliac disease, from Dr Elizabeth Soilleux, University of Cambridge.

Many of you watched our videos on Facebook to find out why Liz is interested in researching coeliac disease and how she uses her knowledge as a lymphoma pathologist to find new methods of diagnosis.

You learned how Coeliac UK’s funding helped Liz to conduct her pilot study and led to the formation of her research team at Cambridge University. The team are currently looking into a new way of testing that will enable doctors to diagnose someone with a simple blood test, without them having the discomfort from eating ongoing amounts of gluten.

Liz also discussed the impact that Covid 19 has had on her research, and revealed how her team are applying the technology they use to research coeliac disease to learn more about Covid-19.

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Video 1 - Why coeliac disease?

Video 2 - Funded projects  

 Video 3 - Impact of covid-19