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Coeliac / celiac / coelaic / coeliacs identity crisis

3 October 2016

In: Community

When you were first diagnosed with coeliac disease (or your loved one was), you probably thought that navigating the...

“Is it coeliac disease?” in lovely big positive numbers

28 September 2016

In: Campaigns

50,000 people have now taken our online assessment for coeliac disease. That’s a pretty big number, representing a v...

Collaborating with our European counterparts

20 September 2016

In: Community

Coeliac UK is the largest and oldest coeliac society in the world but we are also members of the Association of Euro...

Supporting our Members through the gluten-free diet

12 August 2016

In: Community

From Monday – Friday 9-5, we’re here to help you.

Food glorious food

22 June 2016

In: Events

Gluten-free food has come a long way since the days when the only bread available came in a tin, with a taste and te...

Raising awareness together

13 May 2016

In: Campaigns

Working at Coeliac UK gives us the chance to properly connect with our Members.

Gluten-free prescribing and new future ideas

1 April 2016

In: Campaigns

Gluten-free prescribing is coming under fire in England as budget cuts are being made within the NHS.

A coeliac? Or a person with coeliac disease?

5 January 2016

In: Community

How do you refer to yourself and how should others refer to you and your condition?

Our community

Our first ever TV advert

17 November 2015

In: Campaigns

Our first ever TV advert, which is part of our Is it coeliac disease? campaign is helping us drive up diagnosis.

Is it coeliac disease?

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