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Next phase launched in development of coeliac disease vaccine

4 February 2019

In: Campaigns

You might already have heard about research underway in Australia to develop a potential vaccine for people with coe...

“Is it coeliac disease?” in lovely big positive numbers

28 September 2016

In: Campaigns

50,000 people have now taken our online assessment for coeliac disease. That’s a pretty big number, representing a v...

Raising awareness together

13 May 2016

In: Campaigns

Working at Coeliac UK gives us the chance to properly connect with our Members.

Gluten-free prescribing and new future ideas

1 April 2016

In: Campaigns

Gluten-free prescribing is coming under fire in England as budget cuts are being made within the NHS.

Our first ever TV advert

17 November 2015

In: Campaigns

Our first ever TV advert, which is part of our Is it coeliac disease? campaign is helping us drive up diagnosis.

Is it coeliac disease?

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