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The Gluten Freevolution is here, are you on board?

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As you’re on the Coeliac UK website, you’ll probably already know how much things have changed in the world of gluten free in the last few years and we’ve been at the heart of driving that change.

In fact, gluten free menu options have doubled in the last two years alone, and 85% of people on the gluten free diet feel that the food on offer has improved significantly. But that’s not nearly enough of a change for us and our Members. That’s why today, we’re launching the Gluten Freevolution.

This week and beyond, we’re hoping you’ll be joining our gluten free quacktivists Cyril the coeliac duck and his friends Sophie and Sam in their efforts to engage with food businesses for a revolution in gluten free availability. Cyril, Sophie and Sam have always been fed gluten containing bread, but it’s just as bad for them as it is for people with coeliac disease, so they’re supporting us in our efforts to change the world of gluten free.

You can help us explain to businesses that if you rely on a strict gluten free diet for your health and well being, and a caterer or food business goes out of their way to provide a delicious gluten free option, you will be much more likely to return to that provider again. If caterers and food businesses hear our united voice, then they will be inspired to make a change. After all, 1.3million people sharing the same message can be pretty loud, especially if they’re waving duck flags along the way!

We’re calling on you to spread just how important a safe gluten free diet is for people with coeliac disease. Get on your laptops, phones or tablets today, and share our animated videos, voiced by our amazing patron Caroline Quentin, at Also, share our social media posts on Facebook and Twitter to help make clear to food businesses that you want, and need, to be able to access gluten free food on the go.

We’ve got loads of campaign materials to help you become a Gluten Freevolutionary. Our campaign postcards are a perfect conversation starter with local food businesses if they don’t provide gluten free options. We’ve also got a range of leaflets to help you target public services like schools and hospitals that need to do a better job of catering for the gluten free diet. Alternatively, if you’re sick of limited gluten free options of trains, planes or ferries, hand over our ‘on the go’ leaflets to show just how important it is. You can find all the pack materials to get involved at

Finally, make sure to use our gluten free duck flags in tasty gluten free meals to highlight a positive experience with everyone in the gluten free community, and praise the food provider. And don’t forget to use the hashtag #glutenfreevolution with everything you post.

Without you, we can’t have the impact that we need to change things, but with your support we will change the world. Don’t delay, become part of the Gluten Freevolution today!

9 May 2017

In: Community

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