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50th Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to our gluten free community!

Celebrating 50 years of helping people live gluten free

Fifty years ago a small group of inspiring volunteers embarked on an amazing journey. Aiming to raise awareness of coeliac disease and support those with the condition, they set changes in motion which completely transformed the gluten free landscape.

From landmark research on coeliac disease to ground breaking changes to gluten free food labelling and provision, the work of the charity now known as Coeliac UK and its members has changed the lives of people who need to live gluten free.

This year we are shining a spotlight on the progress we have made over the past 50 years and illuminating the changes we still need to make to find the answers to coeliac disease, make gluten free living even better, and eventually create a world where gluten does not limit people’s lives.

Check this page as we will regularly update it with some interesting facts gathered from 50 years of knowledge and community building, highlights from our past, events you can get involved in and ways you can help us improve the lives of our fantastic gluten free community.

Upcoming events

  • Awareness Week, 14-20 May

Ways to get involved

  • Raise £50 for our 50 years - hold a party to celebrate 50 years of Coeliac UK. Simply apply for your party pack to get started.

Did you know…

We are the oldest and largest coeliac organisation in the world and started life as The Coeliac Trust with The Coeliac Society of Great Britain and Northern Ireland set up as the administration part of the charity. We first operated out of a dining room in a London flat. Our first local voluntary group started in Birmingham and by 1969 we had 1,000 members.

In recognition

We want to thank and acknowledge the tremendous legacy left by our founders Elizabeth Segall, wife of a doctor and mother of a child with coeliac disease, and Peter Benenson, who had coeliac disease and is also well known as a founder of Amnesty International.

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