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Inspiration for art

Matthew Airey was diagnosed with coeliac disease when he was 22 years old after experiencing stomach cramps and bloating. Whilst a second year art student at Staffordshire University, Matthew used his personal experiences with having coeliac disease as inspiration for a project where he had to produce still life images.

These images show food and drink that I can't eat and the possible consequences if I succumb to my desires.

Matthew's images were exhibited at the university's Stoke on Trent campus on 1 May 2015 and he hoped to raise awareness of coeliac disease through his images.

It would be great if people looked at the images and some may realise that these foods don't agree with them; possibly prompting people to investigate their symptoms and lead to them getting diagnosed. When I read about the statistics that 76% of people with coeliac disease aren't diagnosed it worried me and I believe that awareness is really important.

Photo credit: Matthew Airey.

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