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Gluten-free poetry competition winner

Congratulations to Marianne Hindmarsh, the winner of our Burns' Night poetry competition.

Here is Marianne's poem:


Back in April 2004

I went through the consultant's door

To be told I had a strange disease

Called coeliac, but what does it mean?


No cakes or biscuits, bread or pies

Sauces or puddings, I tell you no lies

"So", I asked, "just what can I eat?"

"All this info has got me beat."


I cannot have gluten, it's out of the door

It's in wheat and barley and a whole lot more

See a dietician and get more advice

On what foods should or shouldn't suffice


Feeling confused I joined Coeliac UK

Hoping they could help me along the way

To a better life of gluten-free living

With lots of advice from experts giving


One year later after my life had to change

There was lots of food, oh look at the range!

Who said it'll be boring with nothing to eat?

The Food and Drink Directory had lots of treats


So a big "thanks" to Coeliac UK

With all your advice I found a way

For a better way of living, now that gluten has gone

A new, healthier lifestyle for me had begun.

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