Top tips for the Challenge Weekend

In order to support with your challenge this weekend, we have come up with 11 key tips to get you in the zone for your challenge.


Eat well the night before

 The night before your event eat a meal you enjoy and are used to. Aim for a meal that is rich in carbohydrates, this could include foods like pasta, rice and potatoes. A good evening meal will ensure you have enough carbohydrates stored in your muscles and liver before race day. Carbohydrates are basically the petrol for your engine on the big day so filling up that tank will reduce the risk of fatigue during your activity

Avoid eating too close to bed time

Aim to eat your carb heavy meal earlier in the evening and try not to rush your meal. This gives your body plenty of time to digest the meal and relax, which should help in achieving that crucial good night of sleep!

Ensure your clothing and equipment is primed and ready

Lay your outfit out and every single thing you may need before you leave your house. Make sure everything is fully charged and in good working order. This is especially true for any bike rides, make sure there are no last minute pesky punctures!

Try to get a good night’s sleep

Don’t stress about your activity too much. You have the whole weekend to complete it so no need to rush!

Carbs are king at breakfast

Priming the body with carbohydrates at breakfast is a great way to ensure your performance does not suffer during your activity. Importantly, stick to foods you are used to, porridge, toast, bagels and fruit juice are all great choices.

Keep hydrated

Make sure you’re properly hydrated but don’t take on too much water. Getting your water balance right before, during and after your run is key. Try to drink little and often before and during your activity.

Check the weather

Any outdoor activity in the UK comes with its risk of inclement conditions! Make sure to check this before you take on your challenge and try to plan accordingly.

If you have concerns, consider changing up your route so you never go too far from home. Ask yourself, can my pledged activity be done from home, the garden or in the local area. Alternatively, can you take on your activity at a different time on the weekend when the weather has improved?

Please keep in mind your own safety

Unlike organised mass participation events, unfortunately we do not have the same support networks available to you over the weekend, so take it steady and be prepared as you can be.

If you’re taking on your activity on your own please inform someone close of your planned movements and an estimated time for your activity. If you can we advise you take a mobile phone with you on your activity, and in the event you need to contact someone you can!

Your health is the priority, if for whatever reason you are not feeling okay, please do not take on your activity until you are feeling better.


Pace yourself

Remember you have the entire weekend to take on your challenge so don’t push yourself unnecessarily to break a record time. Take your time, we are all in this together, it is not a race!


Remember to rehydrate and recover after your challenge

Recovery starts as soon as you finish. Consuming carbohydrates, proteins and electrolytes in the hours after exercise will help to rehydrate and help your muscles repair.

Most importantly, enjoy yourself!

Hopefully you will have a great day out. We want to hear from you so make sure to let us know how your challenge went, how far did you go and send in photos and videos to