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Skydive for Coeliac UK - choose your own date and location 


Key information

  • Date: multiple to choose from
  • Location: multiple to choose from
  • Event type: skydive
  • Challenge level: moderate/challenging
  • Registration fee: £70
  • Minimum fundraising pledge: England and Wales - £395, Scotland and NI - £450
  • Request an information pack for further details.

Experience the ultimate high by taking on the challenge of a lifetime for Coeliac UK!

Enjoy the amazing thrill that comes with free falling for thousands of feet at over 120mph on a skydive.

Mark SkydiveWith skydiving sites throughout the UK and jumps taking place all year round (weather permitting), there is plenty of opportunity to take to the skies and raise vital funds for people with coeliac disease. All you need is a sense of adventure and the drive to raise a minimum sponsorship of £395.

Most people opt to jump in tandem, jumping from at least 10,000ft, while attached to a qualified professional skydiving instructor, but you can choose to jump alone.

Book your skydive today or email for the latest parachute jumping news.

Jump for free - all you need to do is raise £395. Once you have reached this goal Coeliac UK will pay the cost of the skydive and any extra sponsorship you raise will greatly be appreciated by us.

Order your free information pack or book online now.

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