Sunnier, fun filled days and at last the chance to get together with family and friends makes summer 2021 look so much brighter! But for children and young people with coeliac disease, it’s not always that simple.

Trusting other people to provide gluten free food can cause feelings of worry and exclusion. And the last thing any young person needs now is more isolation. So let’s shine a light on coeliac disease together to make life better for everyone who needs to live gluten free.

As well as our Awareness Week activities, we’re raising £50,000 to continue providing the support and information that keeps our community safe and well. You can help by taking on a challenge. Choose your own way to shine – from running, walking or cycling 50km to joining our charity cook-along. If you have any questions about #ShineALightOnCoeliac, then head on over to our FAQs page.