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Workplace Talk Volunteer

Location: Scotland

Based: from home, attending workplace talks as agreed

Hours: variable but typically between 2-4 hours per talk which includes presentation time (max 60 mins), prep time, travel time, follow up time

Reports to: Scotland Lead

The role

  • To deliver presentations - provided by Coeliac UK - on coeliac disease to workplaces under the Healthy Working Lives initiative.
  • To undertake training provided by Coeliac UK before assuming the role of Workplace Talk volunteer.
  • To commit to the charity’s protocols for volunteer presentations regarding medical advice, counselling support and commercial neutrality (see below). 
  • To receive support regarding the logistics and delivery of presentations by Coeliac UK.
  • To carry out the role from July 2017 until such time as the volunteer wishes to withdraw from the role.
  • To make an important contribution helping the charity make a difference in Scotland by raising awareness of coeliac disease, signs and symptoms, and improving the lives of people affected by the condition.
  • To deliver presentations and answer questions in a manner that upholds the reputation of the charity.

Person specification

  • Strong presentation skills.
  • Confidence speaking in front of people in a group setting.
  • Good timekeeping and organisation skills.
  • Openness to feedback in order to continuously develop skills.
  • A commitment to helping Coeliac UK make a difference in Scotland to the lives of people affected by coeliac disease.

How to apply

If you would like more information on the role or would like to apply, please email Myles Fitt, Scotland Lead at

Coeliac UK Volunteer protocols

Medical advice

Volunteers cannot give medical advice and should not be treated or regarded as offering a substitute for the medical advice of GPs, nurses or any other healthcare professionals.

Anybody concerned about health related matters should be directed to their own nurse/GP for professional medical advice or referred to the Coeliac UK Helpline.

Counselling support

Volunteers may find they are approached by people needing counselling, especially as receiving a diagnosis of coeliac disease can be very distressing. We do not expect volunteers to do this, instead you should direct the individual to contact the Coeliac UK Helpline who can provide further support or point them in the direction of a counselling organisation for specific advice.

Commercial neutrality

Volunteers should avoid promoting particular gluten free manufacturers, retailers, national and local commercial companies and remain neutral. For further information on working with commercial companies refer to the Volunteering team by emailing

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