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Further information for parents and children

If your child has been diagnosed with coeliac disease then this can be a time of stress and worry for both you and your child, but there is a wealth of information on our website that we hope can reassure both parents and children so carry on reading!

Advice for parents

Read more about coeliac disease in children including symptoms, diagnosis and follow up care. We have also have some top tips and how you can explain coeliac disease to children.

Don't let coeliac disease put your children off cooking or baking with you as we have some great recipes that we're sure they'll love to make with you. Visit our Home of gluten free recipes to find out more.

There's also advice on school meals and a school pack for parents which provides information to allow your child’s condition to be managed effectively in school. It includes information for you as a parent or carer and for the school.   

Advice for children and young people

It can be overwhelming to be diagnosed as a child, we're here to help you and make sure you understand what you can and can't eat. You may be worried about how your friends and family will react but you can still go to birthday parties and go out with your family to eat and enjoy yourself.  

You may also worry how you will cope at school but if you take your own packed lunch to school then check out some of our ideas for packed lunches.

We also have advice for teenagers and young adults.  If you are aged between 18 to 30 then you can join our GUTs Group which provides a support network to our young adult members, where they can all give each other some helpful advice on living with coeliac disease. You can also join their Facebook page.

Case studies

We have a number of case studies of our younger members diagnosis journeys that you may find interesting. 

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