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BBQ Brilliance

Whether it's the sun or rain beating down on the BBQ we love to cook outside on the grill. We've got all you need for barbecuing on a gluten free diet, with tips and recipes from our Coeliac UK Foodies. 

BBQCross contamination

Separation is key when it comes to cross contamination. The main problem when cooking on a BBQ is that a gluten free sausage or burger can look very similar to one which contains wheat flour. To try and minimise the risk, follow our barbecuing tips;

  • Use a clean BBQ grill
  • If you are using more than one disposable BBQ, keep one gluten free
  • Breadcrumbs can be a problem so make sure burger buns are separated and different chopping boards are used. 
  • Use separate tongs for meat, and separate serving spoons for any salads or accompaniments.
  • Cooking all gluten free foods on the BBQ is easy, however if this isn't possible make sure the person cooking knows which foods are gluten-free and cook gluten free sausages and burgers in one area of the grill and make sure the meat is not mixed up.


We all have enjoyed these simple gluten free recipes when having a BBQ, check them out at the bottom of the page and have a go!

Vegetables, Meat, Fish and Poultry

Plain vegetables meat and fish are naturally gluten free. Some marinades have gluten in the ingredients so you should either check marinated vegetables and meats or you could try making your own marinade. Many supermarkets and brands burgers and sausages are labelled gluten free, if you're unsure check out our food and drink directory. 

Salads, Relishes and sauces

Tomato ketchup and mayonnaise usually do not contain gluten but it’s best to check these. Salsas and salad dressings should be checked or you can easily make your own.

All salad vegetables are gluten-free so you can make a colourful summer salad with lettuce and other leaves like spinach and watercress and add vegetable like radishes, grated carrot, cucumber and tomatoes. For more ideas visit our page on salads.


Submit any BBQ recipes you have to share, sign up or log in to see our fantastic BBQ recipes. 

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