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Pancake Day

Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Day is traditionally a day for using up rich ingredients such as eggs, milk and sugar in preparation for Lent.

Being gluten free doesn’t mean you have to miss out. Whether you have a sweet tooth or prefer to go more savoury we have filling ideas for you as well as some delicious gluten free pancake recipes for you to try:

Lemon and sugar – The classic of lemon juice and a sprinkling of sugar.

Blueberry/Banana and syrup  Stir in some blueberries/banana cut into cubes in the batter and serve with agave, maple or golden syrup.

Apple and cinnamon – Stew some cooking apples with a little brown sugar and a pinch of cinnamon. Serve in a pancake with your favourite ice cream*.

Chocolate and banana – Sliced banana and a thick spread of chocolate spread* or sprinkle with a crumbled chocolate bar.

Cheese and ham – Grated cheese and chopped ham make a quick and easy savoury filling.

Mushroom and pepper – Fry a couple of mushrooms with chopped green pepper and onion. Spoon onto a freshly made pancake and sprinkle with cheese.

*Search our food and drink information for suitable products

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