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Children’s parties

There's no reason why your child can't enjoy parties just like other children.

Tips for holding a children’s party

  • Make gluten-free butterfly cakes and get all the children to decorate their own cake, using different coloured icing, and gluten-free cake decorations. They can then eat this as their dessert or take it home in their party bag.
  • Make a gluten-free birthday cake.
  • Buy coloured food boxes (available from party supply shops) and get the children to decorate them with stickers and a name label. Then you can put a selection of food into each box.
  • Make or buy gluten-free chicken nuggets or mini hot dog sausages (check out our recipe or find supermarket versions in the @Food and Drink Directory@).
  • Use gluten-free bread for sandwiches and make sure any crisps or snacks do not contain gluten.
  • Fizzy drinks, fruit juices and most fruit cordials do not contain gluten, but check any cloudy drinks as these may contain barley.

Tips for attending a children’s party

  • Whilst it's important to give your child the independence to manage their own diet, there are circumstances, like at parties, where it's a good idea to discuss your child's dietary needs with the organiser.
  • The party organiser will probably be very busy, so don’t automatically expect them to cater for your child. Ask what types of party food are being prepared so you can substitute similar gluten-free versions. Perhaps you could bring along gluten-free alternatives for everyone to try so your child feels included.
  • If the party is taking place at an activity centre, it's worth ringing the centre beforehand to check what food is provided as part of the party package, as it isn’t normally gluten-free. Desserts are often branded ice lollies, which you can check are gluten-free.
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