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Coeliac UK Store Tours

  • Store Tours are a great way to provide practical help and advice for people with coeliac disease.

Store Tours pilot project

We ran a Store Tour pilot project in 2010 and 2011 across the country which went really well with almost everyone who took part saying that they would recommend Store Tours to other people with coeliac disease. Each participant received a pack of information on the day of the Store Tour and was guided around the store by a healthcare professional. Information included advice on food labelling, tips for healthy eating on the gluten-free diet and help with choosing the right foods.

Patients who took part found them very useful, particularly the information on reading labels and naturally gluten-free foods.

Store Tours today

Coeliac UK Local Voluntary Support Groups are now running Store Tours but they need your help. Feedback from previous years has shown that dietitians are keen to run Tours but that recruiting participants can be difficult. We want to link dietitians up with Local Group Organisers who have a group of people already keen to attend.

Coeliac UK will provide you with information you need to run the tour, and information for the participants. The Local Group Organiser will liaise with the supermarket directly so all you have to do is arrive at the supermarket and run the tour.

Interested in running a Coeliac UK Store Tour in your area?

  1. Have a look at the documents on the right hand side of this page. The Dietitians Store Guide gives information about how to run a store tour and what it involves.
  2. Find your local group.
  3. Contact the group to say that you are interested in running a store tour and see if they think this is something their group Members will be interested in.

Alternatively, if you have a group of patients you think will find a Store Tour useful, use the resources on the right hand side of the page to organise your own tour.

Resources available

You can find the information guides for dietitians and participants on the right hand side of this page. There are additional resources available including healthy eating advice, advice on fibre in the diet and tips for vegetarian and vegan diets which may be useful for some people, visit the Keeping Healthy section for more information.

Participants might also find these documents useful. You can download these from the right hand side of this page:

  • Gluten-free checklist
  • Guide to common plants, seeds, grains, cereals and flours.
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