We need your help

Together we can do more and your help could make such a difference. We’re talking to people about the needs of our community and something as simple as sharing social media posts could have an impact.

Please help us

Support our appeal

Right now more people need us than ever before. Coeliac UK has been at the centre of the coeliac community for over 50 years but, in the current crisis, our future has never looked more uncertain. We are working flat out to find the answers you need – about the health risks for people with coeliac disease, and to make sure that you can still get access to gluten free food. Please help us be there for everyone who needs us

Raise awareness on social media

Tell people about the impact of empty gluten free food aisles. Whether people are panic buying or buying gluten free when they don’t need it, the lack of options for those who need it most is getting more difficult. Join us in appealing for people to shop more responsibly with our posts to raise awareness on social media.

Write to your MP about your need for gluten free food

Use our template letter to write to your MP and tell them how you’ve been struggling to access gluten free products where you live. This will help our discussions with the Government where we’re asking them to prioritise people who need gluten free food for health reasons.

You can check who your MP is here.

Let’s all do our bit

It is important that we are responsible when buying food. Retailers have been heavily impacted over the past few weeks and it is not just gluten free products that are in short supply. With additional support from the Government, the food industry is working around the clock to ensure people have the food and products they need and there are already new measures in place to extend delivery hours to supermarkets to keep food supply flowing.