We're here to help you with the support you need

We’re here to help. At Coeliac UK we have been helping people with coeliac disease and other gluten related conditions for over 50 years. And now we know our help is more important than ever.

We have delivered our services to you, uninterrupted through the current crisis. Our staff are set up to work from home and we’re still providing evidence based advice and support with the help of our Health Advisory Council and we’ve been developing new information and tools to help you during this unprecedented time. 

Get the right information

We have a range of FAQs to help you understand more about issues around Covid-19 and coeliac disease, including FAQs from Dr Peter Gillett, consultant paediatric gastroenterologist.

Cook while we’re on lockdown

We have opened up all of our recipes for everyone to help you cook gluten free through this crisis. Check out our Home of Gluten Free recipes, ranging from the simple to the show stopper, for gluten free, whatever you fancy, open to everyone.

We’ve also developed new content to help you:

Help shopping gluten free

Finding food isn’t easy right now and we need to be going out as little as possible in search of gluten free food. Whether you’re online shopping or making a trip out to the supermarket, use our tools to make the most of your shop.

Look out for new products like those provided by our Crossed Grain licensees or on our Gluten Free Products for You page.

While we need to be more flexible in our shopping, use our award winning Gluten Free Food Checker app to help you choose new gluten free foods that might be more readily available at the moment.

Take the opportunity to learn more about food labels and how to read them to give yourself more choice. Or pass on the simple gluten free checklist to help those who might be shopping for you. 

And when you’re shopping, try our tips to get the most out of venturing out:

  • ask your store manager what time they receive their gluten free deliveries and go to the store then
  • try local convenience stores as we are hearing anecdotally that these are better stocked
  • try mail order companies to see if you can get food delivered
  • try local suppliers who might be better stocked in their produce

Please remember if you’re going out for a needed food shop, to follow Government guidance to reduce your risk.

Get the support you need

Talk to us

We’re here to help. Our Helpline is staffed with dietitians and food advisers to help you and we understand how difficult things are at the moment. We are receiving a lot of enquiries and requests for advice and we thank you for your patience as we try to get back to all of you.

Peer support

We’re very lucky to have a vibrant social media community so get online and get involved with a busy social space while we have to stay at home. It’s really important to feel connected whilst we’re social distancing, so please do get online and in touch with others if you can. We have seen over 10,000 comments and interactions since the crisis began, a huge uplift in activity, so join others like you looking to have an exchange, chat or share tips and experiences.

We have a Member2Member programme for our community to link and talk to each other about the issues they have in common. This might be more important now than ever. Check out more information and get in touch if this might help you.

Look after your mental health

The Mental Health Foundation is supporting people with the mental health and psychosocial aspects of the coronavirus outbreak. It is a difficult time for all and it’s really important to actively manage mental health at a time like this. Check out their tips and advice on how to look after yourself.

Stay safe

Please make sure you follow Government guidance to stay indoors and avoid risk. 

If you have symptoms including a persistent cough and/or a high temperature, or there is a chance that you could have coronavirus you should follow the latest advice from the NHS.