Gluten Free Food Safety

world food safety dayCoeliac UK is at the heart of food safety for people with coeliac disease and gluten related conditions.

To ensure safety, manufacturers and caterers alike can become part of Coeliac UK’s food safety schemes and be equipped with the skills and knowledge to provide gluten free food.

That’s why we developed our Crossed Grain Licensing and GF Accreditation schemes to drive the highest standards in gluten free safety. So however you eat, at home or away, we’ve got you covered.

crossed grain licensed

Licensed Crossed Grain products are clearly marked with our renowned Crossed Grain symbol, a quick and easy way to identify foods which are gluten free and safe to eat. The symbol can only be used under licence on food and drink products meeting our strict standard. When you see this, you know we’ve checked test certificates and processes to ensure food production processes are safe.

gluten free accredited venue

Over 3,300 venues are recognised by our GF accreditation scheme. Venues displaying our recognised and trusted GF trademark give customers on a gluten free diet the assurance that they can enjoy gluten free options in a venue that has been independently audited by NSF International.

Gina Waldron, NSF International says: ‘As an internationally renowned provider of food safety and public health services, NSF is committed to protecting and improving human health around the globe by providing solutions that give consumers confidence that what they eat and drink meets or exceeds globally accepted standards of health, safety and provenance.

‘Working in partnership with Coeliac UK since 2013, NSF have supported the development of the gluten free catering accreditation standard and have delivered over 1800 assessments around the UK to ensure food businesses achieve the necessary standards required to display the Gluten Free standard.’

On top of all this, we’ve also trained over 4,500 catering staff through our online training course to certification in gluten free food preparation service.

Using our award winning Gluten Free Food Checker App makes eating safely even easier. It includes our Food and Drink directory listing over 200,000 products suitable for a gluten-free diet and a handy barcode scanner makes shopping easier. Our Gluten Free On the Move app contains our  Venue Guide which uses smart phone location services to find venues local to you serving gluten-free food and highlights those accredited by Coeliac UK.