Gluten Free Food Checker App

Here's all you need to know about our award winning Gluten Free Food Checker App.

This app has been developed by Coeliac UK and enables you to search nearly 200,000 food products to find which are suitable for your gluten free diet. The app also includes:

  • a barcode scanner
  • lists of ingredients and nutritional information for products
  • ready made product lists
  • our new labelling video to help you choose make choices in the mainstream supermarket aisles.

If you also have other dietary requirements, you can update your food preferences profile by choosing from 14 allergen options, and filtering  products that don’t contain those products.

Which phone do I need?

This app will work on iPhone models 4 and above and Android smartphones with software 6.0 and above that can download apps from the Google Play store. 

How do I get the app?

Online AppsGluten Free Food Checker is free to download but only available to Coeliac UK members and is included within your current membership fee. 

You can download the app from the Apple App Store for iOS devices or the Google Play Store for Android devices. If you are not a member, but would like to use the app, join now and start using the app straight away!

How do I log in?

You will need your existing Coeliac UK username and password to login to the app and WiFi, 3G or 4G connectivity. If you don’t know your Coeliac UK login details, then get in touch with our Helpline at 0333 332 2033 or email

Special thanks go to our member user group who helped test the app and provided valuable feedback, and of course to FoodMaestro for the opportunity to develop a new service to support our members with their gluten free diet.

Check out our FAQs for any queries you have about the new app.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What mobile phones will the app work on?

This app will work on iPhone models 4 and above and Android smartphones with software 6.0 and above.

We have chosen to develop the app for the iPhone and Android phones because our membership surveys indicate that these devices are the most commonly used. However, as with all technology, the situation is constantly changing and we will be monitoring trends to assess when investment in new platforms for the app is justified.

What’s the difference between Gluten Free Food Checker and Gluten Free on the Move?

Although the concept of this app is very similar to Gluten Free on the Move it is not linked to our Food and Drink Information which means it lists more products. It has extra functionality so you can tailor the search results to additional dietary preferences.

Gluten Free on the Move is an extension of our Food and Drink Information and also has our Venue Guide so you can find venues to eat out.

Is this replacing your gluten free on the move app?

This app works differently to gluten free on the Move as it focuses solely on food. Whereas gluten free on the move is our Venue Guide app. We want both apps to run alongside each other and find out what works best for our Members. 

Why have you developed another app?

FoodMaestro have adapted their app on our behalf to give our Members an alternative option to help find suitable products. As well as identifying gluten free foods, this app gives you more options so you tailor the search results to additional dietary preferences.

Who are FoodMaestro?

FoodMaestro create digital platforms to help people with specific dietary needs find suitable food products.

Does this app link to the Food and Drink Information?

Yes, the search results will be the same, ensuring that your allergen profile is correct.

Why are there more products in this app than in the Food and Drink Guide?

Our Food and Drink Guide does not include products that are naturally gluten free, such as fruits, vegetables and plain meat and fish. However, these are included in the product listings in the Gluten Free Food Checker App, so this is why you may find that the results differ from what you are familiar with.

Where do I find the barcode scanner?

The barcode scanner icon can be found on the homepage next to ‘Scan to check food’:

GF Food Checker scanner

It can also be found in the top right corner, next to the magnifying glass, on any other page within the app.

What will the app do?

The app includes lots of information on the gluten free diet, with the latest news, hints and tips on eating out and reading labels. Once you log in to the app, you'll then be able to see the Food and Drink Information and Venue Guide.

The Food and Drink Information has a barcode scanner to tell you if a food item is listed in the Food and Drink Information and can be included in your gluten free diet.The Venue Guide allows you to search for venues that can cater for the gluten free diet, as recommended by our Members, using your phone’s location services.

The app also synchronises with your online account and you can view and manage your favourite products and venues for future quick reference purposes.

How do I set up my profile?

Select ‘Allergen profile’ from the top left drop down menu.

You will then see a list of different ‘gluten filters’ as well as the 14 common allergens to select for your profile. The app comes with the gluten filters pre set and when you select a filter you can then ‘toggle’ to switch the filter on or off.

Can I set up more than one profile?

Although more than one person can log in to the app with your login details, only one allergen profile can be created.

Do I need to set up a new password?

No, your existing Coeliac UK login details will work (the same details you use to log in to our website).

If you’ve forgotten your login details you can follow the forgotten password link on the first screen of the app and create a new password.

My login details are not working?

Your login details need to be the same email address and password you use to log in to our website and your Membership for Coeliac UK needs to be up to date.

If you’re not sure what your login details are or the status of your Membership follow this forgotten password link - you will then be able to reset your password and check your Membership details via your online account on our website.

The app includes other allergens, do I need to start excluding these from my gluten free diet too?

No, this app enables you to create a profile specific to your dietary preferences. If you do not want to include any other dietary preferences, you only need to keep the gluten filters on.

Will I be able to find Crossed Grain products in Gluten Free Food Checker?

Yes, the Crossed Grain symbol will be displayed against our Crossed Grain licence products. 


What does ‘Additional products approved as suitable by Coeliac UK’ mean?

These are products where a may contain statement may have been used on the packaging or a gluten containing cereal has been highlighted in the ingredients list, however we have contacted the manufacturer and these products have been confirmed as suitable for a gluten free diet.

What are readymade lists for?

We have created lists based on popular products searches, such as breakfast cereals, pizzas and flours.

What is the Guides section for?

This section gives you all the information you need to help understand gluten free labelling, including our new handy video.

How often are products updated?

Product listings are updated weekly.

Can anyone use the Gluten Free Food Checker app?

Gluten Free Food Checker is only available to Members of Coeliac UK as you need your Coeliac UK login details to access the app’s features.

If I’m not a Member can I still download the app?

There is nothing stopping anyone from downloading the app from the App Store or Google Play Store, however, Coeliac UK Member login details are needed to access the app.

How much does the Gluten Free Food Checker app cost?

You do not need to pay for the app as it is included within your existing Membership fee.

Can I download the app onto my iPad, Kindle Fire and other tablets?

The app can be downloaded on to an iPad but the barcode scanner may not work.

Do I need WiFi?

You will need WiFi, 3G or 4G connectivity to use the app.