Desserts to make this Christmas

Some of these desserts should not just be kept to Christmas time as they are too good. We've pulled together some of our best desserts fit for Christmas from the Home of Gluten Free Recipes featuring our newest offerings from our Live Well Gluten Free Magazine.  

Panna Cotta with Vanilla and Rose 1200 x 897Our four most recent dessert recipes from our magazine are spectacularly tasty and instagram worthy! The Panna Cotta flavoured with Vanilla and Rose is a traditional Italian dessert can be easily be made the day before you need it if you're planning ahead. If you struggle to find Rose water you can use some raspberries, strawberries or just vanilla is still a treat. 

The Chocolate and Cherry Fondant works great with or without the cherry filling. What other fillings might you do? If you want to prepare them in advance, follow the recipe to point 4, then place in the fridge. You can then cook just and serve straight from the oven so you still have a lovely gooey filling.Cherry Chocolate Fondant

The Peanut Butter and Chocolate Baked Alaska, a  retro dessert given a gluten free face lift! If you've got a bit of time make the peanut butter and chocolate ice cream, it'll be worth it! If not use your favourite ice cream (or our Christmassy Mince Pie Ice Cream!) and mould it into the pudding bowl, make the sponge, meringue give it a little heat with a blow torch and you've got yourself a winning dessert. 

Chocolate and Peanut Butter Baked AlaskaWe know gluten free Tiramisu is hard to come by due to the lack of sponge fingers, fear not we've got two recipes in one! The gluten free sponge fingers can be made in a batch as you'll be wanting to make more than just one Tiramisu. 

We had to include last winters magazine front cover, the tiered meringue stack naturally gluten free and light, this is a real centrepiece showstopper which will be sure to wow the table. Tiramisu 1200 x 897

Our gluten free Christmas recipe inspiration doesn't stop there, we've plenty more! If you're looking for edible gifts, more sides, main events, sharing platters or ways with the humble potato we've got you covered! Or explore our Christmas Market for all things gluten free this Christmas. 


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