Chairman's Report 2018/2019

28 April 2019

Before I start my report I have to announce the sad news that Mollie Edmonds died earlier this year. Mollie wasn’t a Coeliac but her husband was and she supported him until he died some years ago. But that didn’t stop her as she continued to support us by regularly attending our meetings and offering me support as a committee member. It was a pleasure to have known her.

And now my report:-

Much like recent years both our regular monthly coffee mornings in John Lewis are going well. The one in High Wycombe is regularly getting double figures, again with some newly diagnosed members. I understand the MK one, too, does well.

The coffee mornings are continuing at Tilly’s a little café off the square in Cambridge Street in Aylesbury, that specialises in gluten free cakes and some lovely toasted gluten free sandwiches.

The evening meetings in members’ houses in the evenings started to dwindle a bit last year so we have come up with a plan B.

In March following on from last year when Jon Hilton organised a meal in Bill’s in High Wycombe, this year he organised a Chinese meal at the China Diner in Beaconsfield. It was a wonderful evening, so much so that I have been asked to put on another one soon. Jon and Allen between them have come up with the idea of a Saturday lunchtime in Sept. Steph will send out a letter in due course.

There is only one evening meeting In a members house this year and so in May we have been invited to Dave and Val Porter’s house Monks Risborough for the evening – this is the only remnant of how the evenings used to be – please try and support Dave and Val – their cakes are really something.

A visit to Parmoor will continue on June 19th. There have been management changes and they have a new method of charging. They will charge for the blue room we always use by the hour and add a bit for each attendee. This will we hope work out to about £10 per person. Last year we made a slight loss as they charged us £15 per person and I thought this was too high for just coffee and cake so we subsidised the evening.

The new management at Parmoor agreed with me hence the £10 charge this year. Unfortunately no refund though.

Another change in last October we had a fish and chip evening at the Village hall in Prestwood. This success will be repeated this Oct 15th – again a letter will come out in due course.

As Bucks is a very long county, in December 2014 we made a change from St Katharine’s, Parmoor for our Christmas meal, to a pub in Wendover that was more central in the County. Possibly because of staffing issues and a very detailed menu it wasn’t the great success I had hoped for, but we persevered and in 2015 and 2016 we went to the Catering College in Aylesbury. Slightly better but again wasn’t the great success I had hoped for. In December 2017 a good number of us celebrated at a village hall in Bierton. The hall was a bit scruffy but the food was delicious. Thanks to Judith who had found a catering lady who was prepared to cook for us – unfortunately this lady who had been doing the job for nearly 40 years retired soon after our 2017 meal – so we need to start looking again.

So last year Rosemary came up with a good idea. She had already suggested the Village Hall in Prestwood for us to hold our fish and chip evening and we followed this up by holding our Christmas meal there and beautifully prepared by Ann, who had catered for Rosemary in the past. She is down to do this year’s meal on Monday December 9th. Again a letter will come out in due course.

I must thank Steph, Allen, Don, Judy and Margaret for supporting me over the year, and today Carol and Margaret Rutter for doing the teas. And a big thank you to all those people who have hosted the coffee evenings in the past. And of course every one who supports us in events like today.

Please note the AGM will be held at this venue next year at the same time of year. Date to be confirmed later

On behalf of the Bucks Committee, thank you for your ongoing support

Brian Barnes – Bucks Organiser   April 2019


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