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Coeliac Coventry Group AGM Newsletter March 2018

Next  Meeting on Saturday 17th March - 2.00 pm at

Hearsall Baptist Church Centre

Queensland Avenue, Chapelfields, Coventry CV5 8FE


At this meeting we look forward to a visit from Alan Webb, Customer Business Administrator at Warburton GF.  Alan will be giving us a presentations, with maybe an opportunity to buy at the end of it.  We are grateful to Alan for stepping in at short notice.  The lady we were   expecting to come no longer works for Warburtons.

We also hope to have Dieticians at this meeting. 


It hardly seems twelve months ago since our last AGM, and during 2017 the committee      organised a couple of social events as well as our usual two group meetings.  Last year seemed  quite hard going in gaining our memberships interest in the Beetle Drive and Playwrights meal, the latter being a bit better on the take up.  However those who did attend had a couple of really good evenings.  We always ask for ideas, particularly for events that mixes us up with each other, creating opportunity to get to know each other, share information etc.  We can learn so much more that way than maybe the professionals are able to give us.


AGM Election

All current Committee Members are willing to stand for a further year.  If you would like to be          considered for Committee please contact either Tracy or Cynthia well before the date of the    AGM.


Group Meetings 2019

9th March AGM  

9th November   Speakers for  both of these meeting TBA


Events This Year

Awareness Week 10/20 May.  However, we made an error with the date.  We will be having   our Information Table in Coventry City Centre Library 10/11 May, so we will be asking for     volunteers to work with committee members in manning the table between

10.00 a.m. -  4.00 p.m. over those two days.  This is generally split down into one hour slots or as long as each individual is able to give us.  This year is the celebration of Coeliac Uk’s   50 years as a charity.


Afternoon Tea with fun competition to bring something you have baked (not obligatory)

Saturday 12th May, possibly about 3.00 p.m  start at Hearsall.  It’s been a few years since we  tried this and thought we could add a little fun as well with a light hearted Cookery       Competition. 


BBQ & Skittles28th July 3.00 p.m. at Bromleigh Drive Scout Hut in Binley


Christmas Menu Meal at Henley College Wednesday 28th November


If you have any suggestions regarding a social event please speak to one of the

Committee Members.                                                                                                       


GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

This is about how our individual personal information is stored.  There is work to be done not  only at Coeliac UK Head Office, but also with each local group.  We are being advised on what  we have to do and when.  The deadline date set by Government is 25th May.  An assurance. We do not keep any health information about anyone and we never divulge what  information we  have to anyone.  On a group level only Tracy & Cynthia as Group Organisers have any access.



Raffle and Refreshments

We will be holding our usual raffle £1 per strip.  Do you have something suitable towards the prizes?

Wonderful if you have.

Anyone good at baking cakes?  Could you bring something for us all to share with a cup of tea/coffee? We need a good supply to enable everyone to have a choice.

If what you provide is wheat or dairy & gluten free, it would be really helpful if you could label it so.      Your donation is very much appreciated.


We make a charge of £1 for 1 cake and a drink, other cakes can be purchased once everyone has

been served.

Cheap at half the price and all gluten free.  Please only take ONE cake.  To give everyone a chance to


All this helps to fund the group.  i.e Renting our meeting venue, paying for stationary, and occasionally

sending a donation to Coeliac UK who give us so much valuable and helpful information.



Group Organisers

Mrs Tracy Griffiths and Mrs Cynthia Baker 





                                                                        Petty Cash                 Bank              Total

Opening Balance 01 January 2017               £216.30                          £245.80          £462.10


Income:          From Events                                                               £1,083.28

                        Donations                                                                      £184.78

Total Income                                                                                                  £1,268.06 


                        Cost of Events                                                             £769.45

Donations to Coeliac UK                                                                     £300.00

                        Postage                                                                           £55.00

Printing & Stationery                                                                     £74.95                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

                        Bank Charges                                                                £25.00

            Total Expenses                                                                                              £1,249.40



Balance 31 December 2017                          £50.00                           £430.76             £480.76

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