AGM News 2019

At our AGM on 6th April, 2019 both our Group Organise, Alison Kneale, and our Secretary, Judith Cain, decided to step down from their posts due to increased commitments. Alison will, however, continue on the committee. We would like to thank them both for their support of the group and Coeliacs on the Isle of Man.

We have been most fortunate that we have had willing volunteers to fill these posts. Our new Group Organiser is Laura McAuley, who has been on the committee for the last two years, and our new Secretary is Angie Cannell. Thank you both for volunteering. We also have several new committee members.. Welcome to you all.

Isle of Man

Local Group Information

Organiser: Laura McAuley

Secretary: Angela Cannell

Treasurer: Michael Tucker