Gluten-free Travel and Translations

Are you travelling abroad?  If so, please check the links below for translations of our gluten-free diet requirements.  Print lots of copies and hand them to whoever is catering for you.


For short translations in 51 languages (please scroll to the bottom of the web page):

And here is another website for gluten-free dining cards in several languages  -  no longer free though:


'Gluten Free Easy'   -   Translations in 13 different languaes


Dietary Cards


For excellent advice from Coeliac UK on Holidays and Travel please click the link below:

Holidays and Travel

For specific information for over 40 countries please click the link below:

Country Guides


Travel tips from Caroline's blog 'The Coeliac Plate':


Going to Italy for a holiday?  This website helps you find hotels in Italy that cater for coeliacs:


Going to the USA? 

The App  'Find Me Gluten Free' is particularly useful, as it locates gluten free restaurants, cafés, shops etc in your vicinity 

The website: