Gluten Free Prescribing

Gluten-free prescribing

Since the summer of 2015 there have been 12 Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) in England that have withdrawn access to gluten-free food on prescription for adults with coeliac disease. There are also 58 CCGs (28% of the total) who have imposed restrictions and a significant number of CCGs are currently reviewing their gluten-free prescribing policy. We are concerned that this trend is set to continue!

In Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland the national guidance continues to apply.

We are campaigning hard on your behalf to protect the most vulnerable and it is really important that we know your personal views on gluten-free prescribing. We need to hear from you:

  • whether or not you are currently accessing gluten-free food on prescription
  • whether or not you have ever accessed gluten-free food on prescription
  • whether or not you have already experienced restrictions or loss of all support
  • whether you live in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland we need the views of you all on what should be the future for prescriptions

Everyone’s opinion counts!

Please give 5 - 10 minutes of your time to complete our short questionnaire, there are different versions depending on your circumstances. Please click through and complete the one(s) most appropriate for you/your family:

Questionnaire 1 – Person diagnosed with coeliac disease*

Questionnaire 2 – Parent of a child diagnosed with coeliac disease*

Questionnaire 3 - Carer of an adult diagnosed with coeliac disease*

Questionnaire 4 – Not diagnosed with coeliac disease and following a gluten-free diet*

Thank you,

Sarah Sleet

Chief Executive

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