Sponsored dissertations

We will provide small grants, to encourage undergraduates or postgraduates studying at UK institutions, including but not limited to nutrition, dietetics, immunology, food technology, epidemiology, public health, psychology or medicine, to focus on coeliac disease and the impacts of gluten in their project work.

The primary objective is to place coeliac disease and the gluten free diet on the research agenda of UK academic institutions, whilst commissioning research that underpins our research priorities.

Application forms will be reviewed by the Evidence and Policy team and our Member Review Panel. The final decision for funding will be made by the Charity’s Chief Executive Officer based on the advice of the Evidence and Policy team.

For further detail, please refer to Information for applicants.

Status: CLOSED 

Funding available: Five grants up to £2,000 each

Open date: 17 September 2021

Closing date:  25 October 2021, 10am

Thank you to the Violet M Richards Charity for supporting our Sponsored Dissertation Award this year.