An exploration of the lived experiences, health-related quality of life and support for adolescents with coeliac disease in schools


This research will explore how coeliac disease impacts the quality of life of adolescents in school and whether there is sufficient understanding and support available to help adolescents with coeliac disease stick to the gluten free diet in school.

Whilst there are tools available to help schools to support pupils with coeliac disease there is little evidence around whether individuals are receiving appropriate support. Previous research has found that better emotional support and stronger organisation skills have been associated with superior adherence to the gluten free diet. Therefore, if staff in schools are better educated to understand what support is needed for adolescents with coeliac disease this could lead to a deeper understanding of the impact of the condition and lead to additional support for individuals who are finding it hard to manage their diet in school.

Who can take part?

If you would like to take part in the study, you must be:

  • 13–18 years of age with parental permission
  • Medically diagnosed with coeliac disease
  • In full time education in school

What is involved?

You would be part of a Microsoft Teams online focus group with other adolescents like you who have coeliac disease. You would be asked to share your experiences and feelings towards coeliac disease and the support offered to you in school. You and the other participants will share and compare your feelings and thoughts towards this. Anonymity would be ensured to help you feel at ease sharing your personal experiences.

How to take part

If you are interested in taking part in the study, or would like more information, please email Rebecca Walker at Please note that by making contact and showing an interest you are not obliged to take part in the study.

This is a study by Leeds Trinity University and has been approved by the Faculty of Social and Health Science Research and Integrity Sub-committee. The study was awarded as a Coeliac UK Sponsored Dissertation 2021.

Rebecca Walker is studying for a MSc degree in Health and Wellbeing. This research will form part of Rebecca’s dissertation.