Research Conference 2015 - Coeliac disease; prevention and therapeutic advances

For 2015 we had a call for abstracts and introduced a competition with a £500 prize for the best poster. The winning abstract, ‘Pre-Endoscopy point of care testing for coeliac disease in anaemia: a cost saving economic model’ was submitted by Dr Peter Mooney, Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield. Dr Mooney used his prize money to attend the Digestive Disease Week, 2015, Washington, USA. The winning abstract, along with all those presented at the conference can be viewed within the delegates' brochure.

You can access the presentation slides and videos via the links below:

Ludvig SollidProfessor Ludvig Sollid

Rationales behind novel therapies for coeliac disease


Bob AndersonDr Bob Anderson

Therapy and diagnosis utilising peptides recognised by gluten reactive T cells


Daniel AdelmanDr Daniel Adelman

Gluten degradation by ALV003, a novel drug candidate in phase 2B clinical development for coeliac disease


Elena VerduDr Elena Verdu

What is elafin and does it play a role in gluten related disorders?


Frits KoningProfessor Frits Koning

Targeting the gluten specific T cell response, a novel therapeutic approach in coeliac disease


/campaigns-and-research/our-research-conference/2015/randomized-feeding-intervention-in-infants-at-high-risk-for/Dr Luud Gilissen

Plant and food technological approaches to reduce the incidence of coeliac disease


 Sabine VriezingaDr Sabine Vriezinga

Randomized feeding intervention in infants at high risk for coeliac disease; the PreventCD study


This event was kindly sponsored by Cereal Partners UK, Glutafin and Thermo Fisher.