Development of a less invasive and comprehensive test for diagnosis of coeliac disease

Chris Sale - CUK and Innovate UK research grant awardee

Project duration: 18 months

Total grant awarded: £198k

Additional funding from industry: £53k

Chris Sale is the CEO at Nonacus Ltd, a Birmingham manufacturer of diagnostic tests. Nonacus is working with researchers at the University of Cambridge who have previously benefitted from Coeliac UK funding. Building on the progress already made to date they will develop a test that may not rely on someone having to eat ongoing amounts of gluten.

Coeliac disease is currently diagnosed in a two-step process. First a blood test to measure the amount of antibodies in the blood when gluten is eaten, followed by an endoscopy and biopsy to provide a sample which is examined by a skilled pathologist to identify changes in the sample. In up to around 40% of adults and children, an endoscopy might not be needed and a second blood test can confirm the diagnosis. This new test will rely on a patented computer algorithm and a new way of looking at immune cells involved in coeliac disease.

Hopefully this project will bring us an improved diagnosis method which is relevant even for people who have already removed gluten from their diet.

Project update: March 2021

Read more about the latest research published in The Journal of Pathology, from Dr Elizabeth Soilleux and her team, who are partners in this project.

 Coeliac UK and Innovate UK research grant awardee 2019

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