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Gluten free products and services



These days we all want to stay healthy and eat great tasting food as part of a balanced lifestyle. BFree exists to inspire a lifestyle that helps you feel great and live free! We make a delicious, nutritious range of Gluten and Wheat Free breads and wraps, with you at the heart of it. We believe that when you eat well it helps bring out the best in yourself, so we’ve developed our BFree Stone Baked Pizza Base to help you eat well while enjoying a delicious, crispy, Gluten Free Pizza!

 Our BFree Stone Baked Pizza Base has been crafted with you in mind to help give you the freedom to choose a delicious free from product made from ingredients that improve your health, energy, happiness and wellbeing.

Try it with your favourite toppings or try one of the recipes from our video by clicking this advert!

 Find us in Sainsbury’s where you can find two BFree Stone Baked Pizza bases for £3.60. We’re also in Tesco and online at Ocado!

Promise Gluten Free

Promise Gluten Free

Promise Gluten Free stands for gluten free baking with no compromise: no compromise on taste, texture or variety. Our incredible baking team have spent years honing their craft and we now present you with a delicious range of loaves, rolls and brioche!

Click this advert for more information on our range including some recipe inspiration.

Promise, it’s gluten free. Available in Sainsbury’s.




Genius Foods was born out of Lucinda’s urgent requirement to provide tasty gluten-free bread for her son, whom had been diagnosed as gluten intolerant. After failing to find an alternative to the brick like, vacuum packed offerings on supermarket shelves, Lucinda realised that she had to create something herself. Necessity really was the mother of creation.

Lucinda’s children would often come home from school to find 14 different loaves of bread waiting for them to try. She even broke her oven, but in 2009 Genius bread hit the shelves.

Our motivation was quite simple: we felt everybody deserved to enjoy the pleasure of a delicious bacon sarnie or a hot buttery piece of toast. We all need to feel excited by what’s on our plate - after all, isn’t that what great food is all about?

It hasn’t always been easy to get hold of fresh gluten-free products but we’re proud to say it’s Genius who changed that. Our beloved bread was our first creation but we’ve gone on to make everything from bagels to pies since, and we’re not stopping there.

To find out more about our products, where you can buy them, lots of delicious recipes and helpful gluten-free tips click this advert to visit our website.

Old El Paso

Old El Paso

New Gluten Free Smoky BBQ Fajita Kit

The amazing taste of Old El Paso is now available gluten free! Get everyone around the table and enjoy the amazing taste of our gluten free Smoky BBQ Fajita Kit. The gluten free tortillas will delight the taste buds of your family and friends!  Get ready for a delicious meal, all gluten free!

Click this advert to visit their website.




For over 25 years our mission at Juvela has been to make authentic tasting gluten-free foods for you to enjoy. Whether you eat gluten-free food for a medical reason or as part of a lifestyle choice, at Juvela we believe that you should never have to compromise on taste.  That's why we take pride in crafting gluten-free foods that taste as close to traditional foods as possible.

 You can rest assured that with our decades of experience in gluten-free, all our gluten-free foods have a sound nutritional profile and meet the highest safety and quality standards for gluten-free. We only use approved gluten-free environments and our breads are made in a dedicated UK bakery.

Click this advert to visit our website to find out about our products, where they are available and a wealth of information on enjoying a gluten-free lifestyle.

Nature's Path

Nature's Path

At Nature’s Path Organic, there is something for everyone. Award-winning granola and granola bars, delicious porridge oats and our wonderful Mesa Sunrise, the UK’s No.1 gluten free cereal. We put taste at the heart of all we do and we’re sure you’ll agree when you take your first bite. Born in 1985, Nature’s Path is an ambitious, independently-owned family business with an unrivalled reputation in sublime ‘free from’ breakfast cereals and bars.

Nature’s Path works tirelessly to accommodate the very diverse taste needs of gluten-intolerant adults and kids by only using the very best ancient grains, seeds, nuts and fruits.

Find us in the Free From Aisle. Available from most major supermarkets and independent health stores.

Click this advert to visit our website. 



Browsing the free-from aisles for genuinely tasty sweet treats can be a disappointing experience, especially for parents looking for something their kids can actually get excited about. However, Bahlsen has changed all that with its fun and tasty Gluten Free Zoo Imagination biscuits. Available now from Tesco.

Click this advert to visit the Bahlsen website.

Garofalo Gluten Free Italian Pasta


We could talk about the eight interesting shapes we have in our gluten free range, or we could tell you that our pasta is high in fibre and made in a traditional Italian way, however we think it is better for you to read what our customers are writing…

“This is definitely the best out there, the texture is absolutely perfect and no mush in the water while cooking. Every shape is of the same great quality I can’t buy anything else now, if you like proper pasta give the range a try”.

Garofalo Gluten Free Pasta is available from, and local stockists. Click this advert for more information.



Fria is an award-winning, family-owned bakery based in Sweden. Since it was established in 1996 it has become the biggest and most successful gluten-free bakery in Scandinavia. The products are freshly baked then frozen. They can simply be defrosted and are ready to eat with no baking required. 

Fria is available at Ocado and Goodness Direct.

Click this advert to visit the range available from Ocado.

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