Testing and auditing requirements for the Crossed Grain TM scheme

  • There are key mandatory technical requirements for the Crossed Grain product certification scheme
  • Testing products for gluten content - at least once annually by an external laboratory
  • An annual audit to meet the requirements of the AOECS Standard for Gluten-free Foods
  • Providing Coeliac UK with information about your products

Testing your products for gluten

There are several methods for testing the gluten content of food. These include laboratory based tests or rapid tests that can be conducted in the factory.

The technology of gluten testing continues to develop and recent advances mean that tests are becoming much more sensitive.

The recommended method of analysis for gluten, approved by the Codex Committee on Methods of Analysis and Sampling (CCMAS), is the R5-sandwich ELISA (Mendez method). This method detects the prolamins from wheat, rye and barley.

Some fermented products like beers contain hydrolysed gluten. For the detection of hydrolysed gluten the recommended test is the competitive R5 ELISA method.

It is recommended that you use a UKAS accredited laboratory for testing. You can find an accredited laboratory by visiting the UKAS website.

Auditing options for gluten free production

All Crossed Grain trademark licencees must meet the requirements of the AOECS Standard for Gluten-free Foods via an audit. The following options are available:

AOECS Standard audit

A standalone audit specifically developed to assess the requirements of the AOECS Standard. Delivered independently from any other food safety auditing arrangements, this audit is available from our service providers SGS and UK Food Certification. Further information is available on their respective websites -  SGS website / UK Food Certification website


BRC Global Standards and AOECS have worked to develop a version of the BRCGS Gluten Free Certification Programme (GFCP3) scheme - the AOECS-GFCP - to meet the auditing requirements of the AOECS Standard for licensing of the Crossed Grain trademark

This audit is available from a range of Certification Bodies and can be delivered in conjunction with other food safety programmes you have in place. You can find out more about this option on the BRC website and search for a Certification Body on the BRC Directory. 

Please note, for the Crossed Grain trademark scheme it is it is essential that the AOECS-GFCP3 is requested from your Certification Body at the time of booking.

AOECS Gluten-free Addendum audit programme

This programme covers all the requirements and expectations of the AOECS Standard when delivered in combination with a GFSI Benchmarked Food Safety Standard (GFSI Benchmarking Requirements Version 2020).

These include BRC, IFS, FSSC 22,000 and SQF. This audit is available from our service providers SGS. Further information is available on the SGS website / UK Food Certification website. 

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