Gluten free accreditation

  • Research based audit standards, ensuring you have the best practices in place for safe gluten free catering
  • Promote your gluten free offerings to the gluten free community
  • We can help train you and your staff to safely cater gluten free

With over 3,300 venues enjoying the benefits of this scheme, our gluten free accreditation alongside and use of our recognised and trusted GF trademarked symbol provides customers on a gluten free diet assurance that they can enjoy safe gluten free options at your venue. Our accreditation scheme is used across all catering environments including the health and education sectors. Whether that is dining out, having a meal in hospital or eating lunch in the school canteen.

From as little as £250, the annual accreditation fee is calculated based on your annual food turnover with an agreed proportion of your venues being selected to undergo the Coeliac UK gluten free audits, which are renewed annually. Accreditation audits cost £190 each and you can find out more about them in our detailed audit guideline document.

Why bother?

With 70% of our members saying they would be more likely to visit an accredited venue, why not make your venue their obvious choice? By keeping to  our research based standard you will be making sure you are compliant with the gluten free law and able to safely cater for people following a gluten free diet.

GF Accreditation gluten free symbol“The team at Coeliac UK provided vast insight into all aspects of gluten free production and handling of any new menu items. This accreditation has allowed us to reach into a market driven by dietary and lifestyle choices and the whole process has been invaluable for us to achieve the goal of providing safe gluten free options to our guests.” - Hard Rock Café, accredited since 2015

By becoming GF accredited, you receive ongoing professional support together with a range of excellent marketing opportunities:

  • Pre-audit consultation call to ensure you are ready for your gluten free audit.
  • Guidance with menus, including menu labelling.
  • A free online training login to our online course, covering all the key aspects of safely catering for the gluten free diet.
  • Use of our recognised and trusted GF trademarked symbol and window stickers for your venues.
  • Inclusion and priority listing of your business on our Venue Guide (on-line eating out database for our Members) and on our mobile App.
  • Announcement of your accreditation within our e-newsletter (circulated to 40,000+ members) and on our social media platforms Facebook and Twitter (100,000+ followers)
Summary of the GF accreditation process:
  1. Please complete and return the application form, having read the kitchen safety requirements.
  2. We will send you a contract for signing, together with an invoice for the accreditation and audit fee.
  3. You return the contract and we then arrange an audit with NSF, our external audit partner.
  4. You will have a pre-audit consultation call with our Food Policy team. An opportunity to run through the GF standard and all the elements covered within the audit, making sure that you are happy and ready to complete your audit. We can help you and give advice if required.
  5. NSF complete the audit round and, once all required audits have been passed, we will announce you as an accredited partner!

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