New Audit Partner Announcement

18 December 2023

The Crossed Grain Trademark is an internationally registered trademark which represents safety and trust to the gluten free consumer and gives brands and manufacturers the confidence that they can meet the key requirements for producing gluten free foods.

We are delighted to announce that Coeliac UK and The Coeliac Society of Ireland and UK Food Certification have worked in partnership to recognise UK Food Certification as a new approved supplier for delivery of audits to the AOECS Standard for Gluten-free Foods (AOECS Standard) in both the UK and Ireland. This means that there are now several options for our UK Crossed Grain trademark licence holders to consider when renewing their AOECS Standard audit.

UK Food Certification are a UKAS accredited certification body, providing food supply chain certification throughout the UK and Ireland, against a range of internationally recognised Standards. The Directors, Joy and Phillip Knight, each have over twenty-five years’ experience in delivering certification, and understand what it is sites are looking for from their certification body.

Coeliac UK alongside Coeliac Society Ireland and UK Food Certification jointly recognised that there was an opportunity to work together on extending the provision of AOECS Standard certification throughout the UK and Ireland. With UK Food Certification’s reputation for delivering robust audits to several Standards, and with a team of experienced auditors, they were able to quickly adapt their existing systems to include the AOECS Standard. UK Food Certification, Coeliac UK and The Coeliac Society of Ireland worked closely together to identify relevant overlaps in the current processes and seamlessly integrate the additional systems required into UK Food Certification’s systems. UK Food Certification are pleased and proud to now be able to provide this audit option for existing sites and look forward to welcoming new clients.

UK Food Certification are well known in the industry for being approachable, practical, and hands-on. As a family owned and run business, they have an unrivalled reputation in the industry for their exceptional customer service, coupled with office-based technical and administration teams.

Find out more about UK Food Certification here  

Find out more about our Crossed Grain Trademark licensing scheme here 

(Audits can be booked from 5 June 2023).

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